Some features and options available:

There are many options for you to choose from, but do not feel intimidated! I work closely with you throughout the process. Together we create a clear concept of the content that will work best for your site as well as developing an intuitive site navigation structure to easily direct visitor traffic.

It’s easy!

Start by deciding on as many of the features and options as you think you will need or want. Then we’ll work together to refine the look and feel of the site until it is right for you. If you want something you don’t see here, ask. There are many more things that can be done.

Standard features

Integration of your logo

Banner on home page

That’s the little image like the crown you see in the browser address bar on this page.

Encrypted e-mails
This prevents bots that search websites for e-mail addresses for purposes of sending spam

Public comments on selected pages. 
These can be on one page, or all pages. You also have the option of letting all posts show, or setting it so that you get to approve the post before letting the public see it.  

Extensive Typography
There are many styles, fonts and colors available but these should be limited to two or three at the most for a professional site. Fonts should be clean, easy-to-read, and consistent. 

Links to any of the following social networks
Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube, etc.

Link to, or embed, a map to your address
Some prefer the link, and some prefer the look of the actual map on their page. You can see a couple of ways to do it under my “Contact” pages.

Submitted Images
We offer basic retouching or cleanup services such as removing, or toning down, blemishes as needed on photos submitted for your site. 

Password Protection
If you need a page available by permission only, passwords can be set up for you to provide as needed. 

Some optional features available

Banner with slide show

Some prefer this feature to the comment feature. 

Complete site stats
Site stats emailed to you daily, weekly or monthly give you the power to know how the website is performing. Get only the information you want including complete reports, browsers used, countries, keywords, operating systems, URLs, pages, referrers, referring domains, hits, hourly stats, and daily stats.

Sound clips

Embedded YouTube

Custom portfolio

Events Calendar

Page Curl
A great way to draw a visitor’s attention! They can be different on each page.

Professional Content
Creative web-appropriate writing and editing available by Anne Volmering and Michael Barrett

Graphic Design

Image Manipulation
Very extensive image editing can be expertly done for you as needed.