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Rich Rorex
Rich Rorex is a versatile and accomplished recording artist. His personality creates an easy and personable rapport with his audiences. He has performed solo or with his trio, and is available for formal and informal gatherings.

Jim Britt Photography
The interconnection of music, performance and photography in Jim Britt’s work has given him his own distinct visual “voice,” a voice unlike any other photographer operating today.

World Jazz Scene
On World Jazz Scene you will find some truly amazing jazz performers and educational materials that will bring you hours of pleasure.. . 

Torabian Autism Lab
The Torabian Autism Research Lab is directed by Dr. Saba Torabian at San Jose State University. The primary goal of the lab is to further understand the epidemiology of autism, its causes, and risk factors related to having a child or children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

Maria Wickwire
Maria works with the most elemental of materials: clay, story, and human form. By tracing the rings, a person can map the growth of the tree — the years of drought, fire, and flourishing. The markings on her sculptural forms express our inner experience, which we could also read in each other, if we only knew how to look.


DeGavia Resources
Jacqueline DeGavia’s tranquil watercolors and oil landscapes reflect her childhood in the Canadian North woods. A working artist for most of her adult life, she finds special joy in the landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. 

Kris Malloy – A Fortiori Trees
Kris is an arborist who cares about trees and understands how people become bonded with the trees surrounding their home by incorporating the art and science of fine ornamental pruning techniques and tree removal.

Western Amputee Golf Association

The Western Amputee Golf Association (WAGA) was started by individuals wanting to bring new meaning to the game of golf for those who have lost a limb and thought golf was no longer an option.

Virtual Visions Art by Ron King
Ron’s art in all of its forms reveals an instinctive emotional reflex that lies beyond simple vision or hearing. Reflected in both the man and his work is the artful bridge between reality and what his unique vision sees just beyond.

Skagit Artists
Skagit Artists (SAT) is an organization whose mission is to promote the visual arts by developing economic and networking opportunities in Skagit County. Our vision is to develop Skagit County into a cultural destination for visitors world-wide.

C.A.R.E Foundation
CARE Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit charity organization devoted to improve the future for all who struggle with autism spectrum disorders. In support of that mission we provide funding for innovative research projects that hold considerable promise for all types of autism to the causes of autism.

Jim Templeton
A master pianist, teacher, performer, composer, leader of the Cosmic Dust Fusion Band, Some of it as close to classical as to jazz Jim is also a practitioner of healing through Craniosacral Therapy & Therapeutic Massage.

Katie King Sings
Acclaimed for her intricate storytelling and personal phrasing, Miss King earnestly moves the non-jazz appetite while at the same time fulfilling the hopes of the intellect. 
Her poignant and arresting style is instant proof of the characteristics she’s mastered, the elements she braves, and the inner ground she seeks.

Jay Clayton

Jay Clayton is an internationally acclaimed vocalist, composer, and educator, whose work boldly spans the terrain between jazz and new music.She began her career performing the standards on the vibrant New York music scene. However, she quickly became a prominent part of the free jazz movement.Her work in these two worlds led to the development of a highly personal, wordless vocabulary later enhanced by her innovative use of electronics.


Reviews of Ron King’s Web Design

“I am a small business owner who was very much in need of a decent website, I know that selling is service so I need to do something about it. I had explored my options and heard all kinds of, “sales” pitches. I came across Ron King who listened to what I had in mind while making suggestions as to what might be cool additions. I hired him on the spot. He did not disappoint.

His artist ability coupled with his knowledge of the workings of the web ended in my having much more than I bargained for. He is a pleasure to work with. I will also be hiring him to do some photography work for me as he excels in that field as well. He’s not just a man with a digital camera, but is a old school professionally trained photographer. He is truly a find and without question, I highly recommend him.”

Kristine Malloy
I.S.A.Certified Arborist #PN – 7697A
TRAQ – Tree Risk Assessment Qualified

…”Professional, prompt, creative, knowledgeable and enthusiastic are words that I would use to summarize my experience working with Ron King on the development of our Associations website. Ron provides excellent customer service and has made himself readily available for the “tweaks”  inherent in graphic designs and customer facing web portals. I am looking forward to working with Ron in a maintenance role.”  Eric J.  (

“Ron designed my first website and it brought me a lot of recognition as well as sales. We decided it was time to up date and did he do a great job! He has a fine intuition of what the client wants and makes sure he translates their vision into something really fine. I’ll be working with Ron for a long time and updating as we go along.

Ron was able complete the job very quickly, in fact the only delay was mine in getting him the material. As soon as Ron got the information and scans from me he put it all together. In the final edit we were able to work together and corrections were made very fast. The quality of his work can not be questioned nor his dedication to his craft.”  Jim B.

“I can begin by saying that Ron & I were at WSU in the mid-60’s, and we connected again probably 12 years ago. I will also upfront say that I think he has high integrity. I know his character, have seen his photography and web-site creations, and am impressed.

I am giving Ron a high rating, based on my experience working with him as well as the end result. I was dissatisfied with my previous site-experience (which I’d had for ten years. Contacting customer service every so often, usually over un-announced changes which required learning new editing procedures.) There was more-nuf said. I have found the solution to my problems–and it’s also purty! I gave Ron my needs, and with good interaction along the way, he has solved them, with style and pleasing color schemes. Jim T. .(”

These are excerpts from the April Newsletter for the Western Amputee Golf Association.
I want to say a special thanks to Eric Johnson and web designer Ron King for taking on the project of redesigning our outdated website.

Ron delivered a fantastic website that is mobile optimized. Please go to to visit the new site. On the website you will find info about who we are, events/tournaments, media, our sponsors and links to other groups we are partnered with. We now have the ability to sign up for WAGA events online via PayPal!

….I want to say the new website, is going to be one of the biggest accomplishments this year’s board has done.